Which Logo Mat Do You Choose?

Although you may not think of logo mats when decorating a workspace you should. They can be used to subtly promote your brand, and they also complement the overall decor. This final touch is a great way to make an impression on customers, clients, and competitors.

This blog post will help you select a logo mat. We have provided information on each to help you choose the best mat.

What Are Logo Mats And How Do They Work?

Logo mats are a form of personalized entrance mat. You can submit your design and it will print on your mat.

Why Should You Purchase A Logo Mat?

There are many good reasons to buy a custom logo mat. You might also be interested in some other benefits. Logo mats have two distinct advantages, and they are more attractive than other types.

  • Make a great initial impression
  • Get brand recognition
  • Maximize your branding and messaging
  • Enhance your decor
  • Protect your flooring
  • Reduce dirt and particles inside
  • Prioritize safety for staff and customers
  • Be sure to comply with safety and security regulations
  • Eliminate accidents caused by slips or falls

How To Choose The Perfect Logo Mat

You want the best quality when you spend your money on something, and a logo mat is no exception. You should be aware of these things when you’re looking at our selection.

Where will the rug be placed?

Do you have any requirements?

What are your spending limits?

These questions will allow you to narrow your search. The best part about choosing the right logo mat for you is knowing what to print on it. Do you print text or images? Do you print your company logo or your slogan in full color? Do you print in full color or in black? Are you willing to adjust the sizing? Do you view this as an opportunity to rebrand your company?

It might seem like asking you more than questions but evaluating your requirements and needs makes the purchase process much simpler. It will also help you feel confident that you have made the right decision so that you can be confident that you are making a good purchase.

We have listed all of the options in bullet points below so you can quickly decide which one will work for you.

Mat For Heavy Duty Logo


PET face (made out of recycled plastic containers)

Rubber backing with Nitrile

Features And Qualities




Life expectancy: 5+ years

High definition Print

High volumes of foot traffic

It is easy to clean

Value for Money

Coir Logo Mat


Coconut fibers

PVC backing

Features And Qualities

Graphic inlaid using hand

Eco friendly



Due to regular use, colors won’t go away.

Easy to remove dirt, debris

Available in different depths


The life expectancy of 1+years

Rubber Logo Mat


Nitrile rubber

Qualities and Features


The ability to resist oil, grease, or chemical agents

High resolution, full-color printing

Bi-level scraping system


Life expectancy: 5+ years

Effectively removes, holds on to dirt and grime

Offers traction

Removes slip hazards

Waterhog Logo Mat


Polypropylene face

Rubber backing with Nitrile

Qualities And Features

High definition printing

Bi-level construction




A life expectancy of 5+years

Can keep up to 6 litres of water

Easy to clean

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